A Very Special Valentine’s Day Post Coming Soon

It’s Valentine’s Day, so what better way to celebrate than announcing a mega merger? But as you all know, my posts go live at 345a every day, and American and US Airways aren’t supposed to announce until a little later. Considering how this merger dance has gone, I’m not willing to post until I see proof. So, come back a little bit later.

7 Responses to A Very Special Valentine’s Day Post Coming Soon

  1. http://newamericanarriving.com/

    I’d say that’s as much proof as you need.

  2. Here we go! Doug Parker to take over the new American Airlines. http://www.aa.com/arriving

  3. Oliver says:

    Why 3:45am? ;)

    • CF says:

      Oliver – Funny question, actually. I used to post when I woke up, but then east coast people said they wish they could have it earlier. I talked to people who said that 7a would be good, so I put a 15 minute buffer in there to get it live at 645a ET. And now I just do it at the same time every day.

  4. gary says:

    So how will the “separate but equal” America West and US Airlways issue among pilots fit in with this merger?

  5. Jon M says:

    There goes one of the great call signs – “Cactus xxx”

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