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It’s Labor Day here in the US and I’ve been enjoying my long weekend. That means there isn’t a normal post today, but I do have a question and this seemed like a good day to throw it out to the crowd.

We at Cranky Concierge fight some pretty interesting battles with airlines when our clients find themselves in tough situations. I often talk about these things as they happen on Twitter (a href=”http://twitter.com/crankyconcierge”>@crankyflier), but that never tells the full story. For example, we had a doozy on Friday where LAN had a delayed flight, offered to put the person on American, and then failed to actually do it despite assurances that everything was fine. It ended up being a big mess, only saved by American’s willingness to take charge in the situation.

It dawned on me that posts about these situations and how they ended up being resolved might be of interest to the broader audience here on the blog. So, please have your say down below. Would you like to see these kinds of posts? Would you only want to see them if they were additional content on Wednesdays (when I don’t post anyway)? Or do you just not want to see this king of stuff at all?

Would you like to see stories about sticky situations that our Cranky Concierge clients find themselves in?

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Thanks for chiming in. I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post.

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