Cranky on the Web (February 27 – March 2)

It’s Not Actually News When a Plane’s Landing Gear Doesn’t Go DownConde Nast Daily Traveler
A United Express flight had its nose gear fail to extend earlier this week. This shouldn’t be news.

In the Trenches: Defining RolesIntuit Small Business Blog
Trying to define roles in a small business is tougher than it might seem.

Many cities lose out in Southwest-AirTran mergerUSA Today
I was interviewed about the loss of service from Southwest in smaller cities.

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It would be interesting to know those statistics. Nose Gear Malfunctions, as you put it. I’ve flown for almost thirty years as a flight attendant and have only once had this issue. That’s approximately over 10 THOUSAND flights in my career. Also, it seems to be an issue with commuter aircraft, more then larger jets. ie. Jetblue.

Rohit Rao

For a minute, I thought that there was no Cranky on the Web this week :O

David SF eastbay

Did the Saturday posting now move to Fridday morning? I came here Sunday to see if there was ever a Saturday posting and see it before the normal Friday posting. Did leap year mess up the wordpress calendar……lol

David SF eastbay

In todays smart phone instant media access world, everything is made a big deal. The JetBlue in L.A. live news coverage is a good example to at least show when the event does seem dangerous and life threating, it can end ok with no drama.

I think I would really be mad at someone who sent me a text saying “I’m about to die in a plane crash” and then a few minutes later text “Never mind, I’m in the airport at Starbucks”

David SF eastbay
The problem with small business is you have to do all the planning yourself and are the biggest risk taken in the company since it’s your company. Maybe the way to go is to take a big company’s employee hand book and taylor it down to a small business level. My big company doesn’t define each workers job duties. It’s actually the indiviual workers that makes things run smoothly. When I worked in the office I swear out of 70 people only five of us would open a cabinet in the kitchen, take out a new roll or paper towels,… Read more »