Topic of the Week: The Newest Member of the Cranky Family

I thought I’d take a brief break from my new life as a parent to share the good news with all of you. We welcomed our son, Atticus, to the family on Wednesday. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs, 1 oz and was 20.5 inches long.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the guest posts so far. There’s another great week of guest posts coming next week and then I’ll be back the following Monday.

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  1. Robert says:


    Now get some sleep.

  2. Congratulations and best of luck. If he isn’t home yet, enjoy your last full nights’ sleep for a while.

    (On the other hand, you always seem to be available, no matter what time zone I’m in.)

    • CF says:

      We aren’t back home yet, but I’m staying in the hospital with them both, so I’ve already given up on the days of getting good sleep.

      It’s true, I’m always available for clients. Now clients won’t have to worry about waking me up . . . I’ll already be up!

  3. Congratulations to your much better half and you Brett. God bless Atticus and all of you, with years of good health, lots of prosperity, loads of love, and many many years of happiness.

  4. Bobber says:

    Excellent news, Brett – congrats to you and Mrs Cranky.

    And a quality name – I’m sure he’ll be every bit as impressive as ‘One-Shot Finch’!

  5. Chris says:

    Congrats Brett!

  6. Congratulations to your family! May Atticus bring you joy. You’re in for the best ride of your life.

  7. MDAccount says:

    Congratulations — he’s beautiful! And congratulations, too, on providing him with a wonderful name; if he grows up to be anything like his namesake, he’ll be a extraordinary man. (Not having kids, the best I could do was name my dog Harper Lee!)

  8. Don says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Very beautiful. Can’t wait for his first post.

  9. He does look a little cranky already, you must have woke him up to take the photo…

    Now to start planning for number 2 :-)

    • :-D Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought he looked a little cranky! Now we’ll just need video of Brett feeding him by pretending the spoon is an airplane!

    • CF says:

      He actually had just been delivered in that pic. Had to have been within the first hour of life when I snapped that shot of him in the incubator.

  10. DesertGhost says:

    All the best to you, Atticus and your wife.

  11. CP says:

    Congratulations! Have you enrolled him in frequent flyer programs yet? :) What great news for your family.

    • CF says:

      That I haven’t. I did try to get him a Google account, but those punks won’t let you do it until he’s 13. (Some kind of law, it seems.) But don’t worry, he’ll be getting FF numbers before his first flight.

      • ASarkiss says:

        I believe you can get him an account with parental permission. You need to prove that you are his parent somehow; I don’t remember how, but my mother needed to do that for me.

  12. Congrats from Kansas, Brett and family. And welcome to the world, Little Cranky!

  13. We want to welcome Atticus to this world, and we want to welcome you and Kirsten to the wonderful, maddening, temporarily sleep-deprived world of parenthood. It’s a great ride, specially when the baby is at the wheel…

  14. Eric says:

    Welcome to Earth Atticus Crankius!!
    Mazel tov mom and dad =)

  15. Sanjeev M says:

    Congrats and best wishes!

  16. Congrats! How many FF programs did you sign him up for? :-)

  17. Stuart B. says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  18. Brett, Congrats on your new wing man!

  19. RDimperio says:

    Thanks for posting the update. Congratulations.

  20. Brian says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  21. Shindig says:

    A little cranky/Cranky? That looks like a grin at least-if not a smile!

  22. Francesco says:


  23. Noah says:

    Congrats, Brett!
    Now you wont be the only Cranky one in your house!
    Wish you all the best!

  24. David Thomson says:

    Congrats Brett, both to you and your wife!!!! Enjoy him alotl, kids are great. We have 3 and number 4 is on the way…. LOL.

  25. David says:

    Congratulations!!! Thanks for the post. Cool name; cool kid. All the best to the three of you.

  26. Al B says:

    Congratulations! I hope you can avoid some of the awful people over at Elliott who have problems with kids on planes.

    • CF says:

      Don’t worry, we’re only flying private from now on. Yeah, right.

      I will be sure to share the trials and tribulations in a trip report after our first flight. Hopefully he’s a good flier and if hope, hopefully those around us are patient.

  27. Al B says:

    Clarification: Not everyone at Elliott is awful, but some of his readers have serious vitriol for flying parents and their kids.

  28. Alan says:

    Congrats to all of you. He’s a good looking young man. All the best…enjoy every moment of being a dad!

  29. Congrats! You couldn’t have picked a better name. Atticus Finch is my favourite book character of all time, ably personified by Gregory Peck in the classic film. When does he take his first airline trip?

  30. Jay says:

    Congrats from DTW. Listen to everyone when they say get some sleep. Seriously, when he is sleeping, sleep! Don’t worry about checking that email or a post. Your body will thank you for it!

    Story suggestion #1: The cost of a baby to fly on your lap domestically vs. International. No free ride internationally for a lap baby!

    Story suggestion #2: What it’s like traveling with a baby, and the evil stares you’ll get from fellow pax. Only advice – just ignore the stares. :)

    • CF says:

      I’ve had friends give me that advice as well, and I’m quickly learning that it’s probably the best possible advice out there.

  31. Congratulations to you and your wife.
    Atticus Cranky Snyder…….now there’s a name to strike fear!
    Welcome to the world little fella.

  32. Beth says:


    I love the name. Is it from To Kill a Mockingbird (my favorite book)? Or perhaps its a family name or just one you like, if you don’t mind telling us.


    • CF says:

      I don’t mind telling you at all. It’s not a family name, and the inspiration did come from To Kill a Mockingbird. I love that book (and the movie) and my wife really liked the name as well. We had it down to a couple names and then wanted to meet him before deciding. Atticus just seemed to fit him perfectly.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations to you and your wife on your new handsome arrival. I can’t wait to read about his first plane trip whenever that happens. :)

  34. Stephen says:

    Congratulations from Saudi Arabia :)

  35. elle says: for baby-bonza name.

  36. JM says:

    Congratulations, Brett!


  37. CF, when do we get a picture of BCF (Baby CrankyFlier) in a CrankyFlier onesie?

    • CF says:

      I need to get one of those, actually. Didn’t know how big he’d be, but now that we know he’s huge, I can get a good size.

  38. JayB says:

    Looks like a smart kid. Probably be reading a timetable within a week!


  39. chinger says:

    Congratulations Cranky!

  40. Congratulation Brett:

  41. Ian says:


  42. Giles says:

    And I can’t resist, try as I might, and others have already commented on it, and I am still trying… it’s no use… I have to say it: He looks a little cranky!

  43. docjames says:

    Congratulations to you and mrscranky Brett.

  44. John says:


  45. MeanMeosh says:

    Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Cranky.

  46. Jason says:

    Congrats! Wishing for your families happiness and health.

  47. dotti c says:

    congrats… at 9 pounds he is a sturdy boy already..

  48. dan powers says:

    seems like a bundle of crankyness to me !!…congrats to mr & mrs cranky

  49. CF says:

    Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. It’s great to see the response on something that’s non-aviation. Now, back to our regular programming.

  50. yo says:

    Like the smirk! Congrats to you and your wife!

  51. Congrats Brett and wife. A great looking “dude” added to your family.
    Thanks for the update and photo.

  52. Salim says:


  53. Joe B says:

    Wonderful news! A true blessing. Congratulations Brett.

  54. ASarkiss says:

    Congratulations, Brett, on adding a Cranky to the family.

  55. ohh its so cute …welcome in Member of the Cranky family..

  56. Big kid! Congratulations!

  57. John Kape says:

    Congrats !!!

  58. coldtusker says:


  59. Congrats dad! My daughter was born 8 weeks ago so I share your joy/pain/exhaustion/wonderment. There are few, if any, experiences like it.

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