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If you’ll be near LAX this Saturday, mark your calendar to celebrate 5 Cranky years. Join me and Johnny Jet at In ‘n Out for a little plane spotting between 11a and 1p.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I don’t do the “Follow Friday” thing and I rarely actively mention other blogs, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a required reading list. I figured that during this week of 5 Cranky Year celebrations, it would be a great time to give a tip of the cap to those blogs that I never skip. Sure, there are others I read, but I decided to cut this down to 10. My apologies to those who aren’t mentioned here, but I had to cap it somewhere. If you aren’t following these, you’ll want to reconsider. These are in alphabetical order:

Airline Biz Blog – Terry Maxon at the Dallas Morning News is one of the last of a dying breed: the newspaper airline reporter. He covers American and Southwest in-depth since those two airlines are so important to the locals in Dallas. You’ll get broader information as well, but the jewel is the incredible in-depth local coverage on these two.

Airline Reporter – David Parker Brown lives in Seattle and so you’ll see some of the local goings-on from his perspective. What I like about this blog is you often feel like David is learning right along with you. He’s enthusiastic, and it’s a unique perspective, so it’s fun to follow.

Aviation Queen – I hope you all know my good friend Benét Wilson, but for newbies to this industry, I fear you don’t. Benét has been covering the world of biz aviation for Aviation Week over the last few years, so she hasn’t had an outlet for commercial aviation. That’s too bad, because not only did she used to cover the regionals like no other, but she’s also worked at Mesa, Delta, and Rolls-Royce engines in corporate communications. She’s now back with this new blog, so hopefully she’s here to stay in the commercial world, at least in some form.

FlightBlogger – If you follow the aircraft manufacturing world, then you know Jon Ostrower. Jon broke several stories on the 787 during its development and he’s now one of the premier writers on aircraft manufacturing. If you don’t love the manufacturers, then this might be too into the weeds for you, but you won’t find better info anywhere.

Flight Level 390 – I don’t think there’s a blog I enjoy reading more than Captain Dave’s blog on his day-to-day experiences as a commercial pilot. Dave weaves a great story in every post, and I just cannot stop reading. See for yourself and you’ll be hooked.

PlaneBusiness – Holly Hegeman’s newsletter isn’t a blog and is the only one of the list that requires a paid subscription, but I’ve been reading since college and I never miss an issue. Holly looks at the industry from a financial perspective, but that’s not all she covers. It really is a must-read for those in the business.

Runway Girl – As Jon Ostrower is to aircraft manufacturing, Mary Kirby is to the world of inflight entertainment and onboard experience. If you’re looking to learn more about seats on airplanes or new passenger technologies, this should be one of your first stops.

Things in the Sky – Dan Webb may still be in college, but he’s also already a seasoned blogger. I think Dan spends his nights combing SEC filings and looking through government data, because he pulls out some really interesting details out from the weeds. He’s also apparently the favorite blogger of Virgin America, because he seems to have a new interview with CEO David Cush every week. It’s always worth a read.

Today in the Sky – You probably don’t know Ben Mutzabaugh’s opinion on many things, but that’s because he’s not here to give one. Ben posts rapid fire news stories for USA Today, and it’s that frequency that I like. He’ll often have several links to the most interesting coverage on each story and that makes for a great resource.

View From the Wing – There are a lot of bloggers in the miles/points space and I read several, but if I had to pick one, it would be Gary Leff’s blog. I might not be a mileage junkie at all, but I still like to keep tabs on what’s happening in that world, and Gary does a great job of filtering out the garbage and only talking about the really useful/interesting promotions and changes.

There you have it, my top ten. Oh sure, there are others I read as well, but I had to cut this list somewhere. Put some of your favorites down below.

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