Cranky on the Web (June 21-25)

Horizon Air Backs Out of California and Into a Box of Its Own MakingBNET
Horizon has made some big schedule changes this past week, and it shows they’re in a corner, trying to figure out what to do to make things work.

Airline Passenger Bumping in U.S. May Be Highest Since 2001Bloomberg
I don’t think this is a big story, but I was quoted regarding the mechanics of overbooking.

Re-Regulation Talk Heats Up, and Airlines Should Think About Supporting ItBNET
Here’s a fun, controversial one. It’s mostly tongue-in-cheek, but the way things are going, the airlines should think about this one.

Virgin America Teams with Klout to Give Freebies to Social Media StarsBNET
I like what Virgin America is doing here to target social media influencers. Smart move.

Regional Airline Association Annual Convention Video
The videos are up from the RAA convention, and here’s my intro speech (about 5 minutes):

If you’d like to know the Tweet that I talk about not responding to, it’s right here.

You can also see part of the panel discussion with Benet Wilson and Mary Kirby here.

Spirit Airlines Loves That You Hate Their Ads (and They Should)BNET
Every time Spirit launches a tacky sale, they’re counting on the media to pick it up and give them free ads. They do, every time.

Virgin Atlantic Says U.S. Authorities Held Passengers on Diverted PlaneBloomberg
Bloomberg has picked up the Virgin Atlantic ground delay story, and they asked me to comment.

Virgin Atlantic’s Three Hour Tarmac Delay Whips Up Irrational AngerBNET
Another long delay and another reaction that doesn’t make sense. *sigh*

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