Cranky on the Web (April 26 – 30)

Virgin America Earnings: Still Losing Money, But Less than BeforeBNET
Fourth quarter earnings are out, and Virgin America . . . well, still lost money. Buy hey, things are better.

Volcanic Surprise: Icelandair Made Crisis Management Look EasyBNET
Watching Icelandair manage through the crisis was a real treat. They did a great job of flying a flexible operation.

Finnair Doesn’t Want Compensation for Volcano DisruptionsBNET
Here’s a goofy one – Finnair doesn’t want any compensation from the state, but this actually makes sense.

Spurned US Airways Still Bullish on Airline ConsolidationBNET
At Media Day, US Airways Chairman and CEO Doug Parker said that even if United and Continental pair off, he’s still a happy man.

US Airways Exec Explains Government Role for Airlines: Do No HarmBNET
C.A. Howlett laid out US Airways’ thoughts on the government’s role in this industry.

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