A New Look for Cranky

If you’re one of the 5,000 Cranky subscribers out there, you probably don’t see anything different. But, if you’re one of the tens of thousands of others who come directly to the site, you’ll notice a new, cleaner look. Many will say it’s about time.

The width is a bit wider, and the header is a bit smaller. I’ve switched fonts around and made colors a bit softer. I also have some new flexibility with the sidebars that should come in handy at some point. Overall, I think it’s a good look that’s just an update on what already worked well. So why’d I change?

Well, the last version broke. Seriously. I couldn’t fix the single post pages, so I just started over with a new theme that’s been heavily modified.

The one potentially controversial move is the addition of threaded comments. Now you’ll be able to reply directly to a specific comment and have it appear directly beneath that. In fact, you can go up to 5 layers deep, so I think this will help facilitate conversation. Others may disagree.

Take a look around, press buttons, and then let me know what you like or you don’t like. If you really hate it, well, you can always become a subscriber instead.

Send the good, bad, and the broken to cf@crankyflier.com. Hope you like it.

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