Cranky on the Web (March 1 – 5)

Samoa and Arkansas Win Federal Air Travel SubsidiesBNET
The winners of the Small Community Air Service Development Program grants are out, and today I take a look at the ones I like best.

Dumbest Cities to Receive Federal Airline Service SubsidiesBNET
And here are the SCASDP grants I like the least. Wish they hadn’t been given the grants.

Finding Help Booking Travel and Managing Irregular OperationsView from the Wing
Gary Leff gives Cranky Concierge a ringing endorsement, and I couldn’t be happier.

Will a New Bill to Boost U.S. Tourism Help or Hurt?ABC News
I tell ABC News why I’m not a fan of the Travel Promotion Act. Mainly, because it sucks.

fly early, fly happyBNET
Why flying early in the day is better.

Airlines Shovel Out as Winter Weather Pummels ProfitsBNET
Winter storms suck for passengers but they suck for airlines as well. In fact, they’re going to be draining profits, and Continental tells us just how much.

Midwest and Frontier Airlines Have Big Plans for Kansas CityBNET
Midwest and Frontier are finally moving in together in Kansas City, and it looks like the beginning of an experiment to see if they can grow the place.

Continental Airlines to charge extra for exit rows seatsCleveland Plain-Dealer
I talk about why I think Continental is starting to charge for exit rows and why I don’t mind it.

Alaska Airlines Snubs Wi-Fi Provider Row 44 — Not to Mention Its PassengersBNET
I waited awhile before commenting on Alaska’s choice to go with Aircell instead of Row 44 for inflight internet. I still don’t quite understand what happened.

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Nick Barnard

The “Finding Help Booking Travel and Managing Irregular Operations” link is broken.


Whatever Continental do won’t redeem their shocking service. They are a poor product and I lament the day they joined Star Alliance.


Cranky, I’m surprised you support Harrison — they used to be far away from every airport (Springfield-Branson and Northwest Arkansas being the closest, at 80 and 90 miles), but now there’s the new Branson Airport a mere 30 miles away.