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Reason Number 1,423 Why the Essential Air Service Program is a Huge Waste of Taxypayer FundsBNET
Little Visalia, California is getting a ton of money to maintain air service that nobody uses. Great.

US Airways Pilots Oppose New York Slot Swap with Delta, Defy LogicBNET
I roast the US Airways pilots for their decision to oppose the slot swap. It makes no sense.

best flying tip: arrive
If you’re stressed about travels, the best thing you can do is arrive early. Just give yourself some extra time.

Airports in Boston and San Francisco Team Up with Twitter PromoBNET
You don’t often see two airports getting together for promotional purposes, but that’s exactly what Boston and San Francisco are doing.

ExpressJet CEO Leaves for a Lesser Title at AmericanBNET
Looks like ExpressJet’s CEO has had enough of the regional biz, he’s heading to American to run maintenance. Hmm.

Airline Year Over Year Unit Revenue Changes Aren’t As Good as They SeemBNET
Yes, the year-over-year comparisons are good, but that’s because things had fallen off a cliff last year. It’s not time to get excited just yet.

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Re: Ream’s departure from ExpressJet and move to American…

Isn’t a good comparison, say, going from a head coach at a Division I school and becoming an Offensive or Defensive coordinator for a pro team?

As you point out, American is a much more complex machine than ExpressJet — I don’t necessarily see that move as step down; worst case, it’s a side-step.


Re: Your EAS article

Why does the government use the term “hub” wrt EAS awards, when the industry doesn’t?

Second, if nobody wants to go to ONT (as you said in your article) then why do you think higher fees alone are killing the ONT market? I think ONT’s problem is a combination of both higher fees AND lower demand.


CF wrote: Dan – On Ream, I think I agree with you. It’s still tough to go from running the show to having a direct boss again (one that isn’t the board of directors). But yeah, I’d probably agree with you. For ONT, I was specifically referring to Visalia to Ontario and not overall. I think that’s fairly clear. There are no real connecting opportunities at Ontario so that’s a big issue for a flight like that. Fair enough… but could you take a stab at commenting on the government’s use of the term “hubsite” and why it doesn’t align… Read more »