“Save Frontier” Campaigns Gear Up, But They Won’t Work

You knew it wouldn’t be long before the “Save Frontier” groups got together to rally for their airline. There are now a few efforts going, but I’m afraid that none of these are likely to have any impact.

Initial bids to bring Frontier out of bankruptcy were due by August 3 and only the Republic and Southwest bids were received. Assuming that both turn in complete final bids by the end of today, then the judge will have to decide which of the two is the winner.

The Republic bid keeps Frontier as a separate brand, so that’s the one that Frontier employees and fans are rallying around. An employee rally was organized last week, but turnout was 150 people at best (and probably less). At least one customer has taken the initiative to put out SaveFrontier.org (thanks, Things in the Sky). So will any of these help?

I doubt it. The judge is supposed to do what’s best for the airline’s creditors. Either of these bids is likely to produce a decent ending for the airline (though very different ones) but a higher price is better for the creditors. So, if you want to save Frontier, don’t bother with a rally or protest. Instead, get on an airplane to Indianapolis (Frontier and United will both you get there nonstop) and start talking to Republic management about increasing their bid.

If you’re an employee, you could talk about concessions and wage reductions. The more you can do to reduce costs, the more Republic could consider increasing their bid, I assume. Of course, if Southwest wants to win this one, they will. So your efforts could be futile, but it has a better shot at having an impact than just marching around.

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