Cranky on the Things with Wings Radio Show

I know I said I’d try to only put media mentions on my news page, but when the Queen, Benét Wilson, gives you 10 minutes with her on her podcast, how can you not put that up?

Benét and I have known each other for a long time, since our days living in Phoenix (she working at Mesa and I at America West). So, I’ll try not to hold it against her that she used just about the worst possible picture she could find for the podcast in which we talk about the recent airline schedule changes.

After listening to the piece myself, I had two thoughts:

  1. I just kept talking and never shut up. I’m shocked Benét didn’t issue me a verbal beatdown to get me back in line.

  2. Anyone else think I sound like Scott Weiland with his megaphone? And that was on a landline, sheesh.

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