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9 comments on “Subscribe to Cranky Flier

  1. I am concerned about a trend I have been seeing. I fly quite regularly and it seems in the last few months it has become quite obivious and even overt as to who the Air Marshalls are. In December in San Diego they walked up to the gate with all of us there, presented their credential and were let on early. As I boarded, there they were two in first class and one in coach. If I was not sure, one in a first class aisle seat got up to let the window seat passenger in. While he was up he leaned over to say something to the other sky marshall and you could clearly see his gun at his backside.

    Several times I have seen this play out the same way (but not the gun part). Last Saturday at Dulles airport for United 919 (11 Feb) to San Diego the three sky marshalls showed up, gave the gate agent id’s and were boarded early. When I got on there they were two in first and one in coach.

    Arn’t they suppose to blend in so we (and the bad guys) do not know who they are? This procedure seems very unsafe to me.

  2. first of all, i just found your web-site a few days ago & can’t stop reading it. I thouthe I was the only airline junkie. You reminded me so much of myself, especially when you were talking about going to the airport just to watch planes take off and land. The general public just dont seem to understand my fasination with commerical avaition. I am an ex-flight attendant from Delta Airlines that was laid off due to 911. Someday I hope to be called back, but the future is slim. As for air marshalls, there were few on ome of my flights one day. He was sitting in an aisle seat & his gun was visable. As I was doing my safety checks, a passenger wrote on a napkin & passed it to me saying ” that man has a gun!” Without being to noticable, I told her all was ok & not to worry, Its things like that make the passengers frantic. ( which is understandable). Again, i love your web-site, & if you want to comment. I recieve text msgs easier than e-mail. xxx-xxx-xxxx. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Alan Worley

  3. I don’t understand: people are concerned because they SEE a law enforcement officer (LEO) on the flight????? Since everyone is pegging the LEO, who cares???? (and MAJOR KUDOS to the person who reported the gun–information is important IF the gun toter isn’t LEO). I agree that if they are going to be blatant about who they are, they should wear a badge or some type of id to keep the masses feeling safe (come on flyers you haven’t met the pilot and you trust your life with him!)

  4. Air Marshals are like stealth bombers. You want them around. You want them in the air. You want them to be deadly serious and effective. You want them to be unobserved. You desire the deterrent effect they project. But you never want to actually have to use them.

  5. Cranky, you need to update your RSS feed list. The categories above do not cover many of the topics and categories you discuss.

  6. Does anyone know how to get from Terminal 2E to2F at CDG airport? Is it walkable?

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