The Cranky Network Awards Returns to Phoenix for 2025… and 2026… and 2027

Cranky Network Awards

It may be summer, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s Cranky Network Awards, and that ones after that. After all, it’s the highlight of the year for every single attendee.*

In 2025, we are very excited to be returning to Phoenix on the evening of Thursday, February 27, thanks to our host, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. And you know what? We’re going to call this a residency, because we’re staying for three years. We can’t wait.

Why are we so excited? This is our second time in Phoenix, so that means we can spend less time on figuring out basic logistics and MORE time on making really cool-looking logos.

Just kidding, that’s already done.

The real focus will be on making the event even more worthwhile than it already is. Don’t worry, we will have the usual drinks, dinner, and awards that evening with good jokes and bad wardrobes followed by Visual Approach founder Courtney Miller’s forecast breakfast the next morning. But this year, we’re adding a little pre-show action to the event.

On the afternoon of the 27th, we will be putting together a couple of panel discussions that will be geared entirely toward those in network planning. If you’re attending, you’ll want to make sure to arrive that morning so you don’t miss out. And in future years? We have plans to add even more content to make this as useful for our network-planning friends as it can be.

This year, we recommend you don’t rush back on Friday. We’ve strategically scheduled this the week before ISTAT Americas which is in Phoenix this year. That means you have a great excuse to stay through the weekend, warm yourself up after a frigid winter, and watch some spring training baseball in between events.

Mark your calendars now if you’re a regular attendee. If you’re not normally invited, don’t worry. We will create some opportunities to join, so keep watching this space if you’re interested.

We look forward to seeing everybody there, including Amelia, the world’s best airport mascot.*

*Based on my opinion entirely which is all that really matters

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15 comments on “The Cranky Network Awards Returns to Phoenix for 2025… and 2026… and 2027

  1. Please put the main event on YouTube so we can watch it live. Or at least post the video after everything is done.


  2. The Warriors. The Raiders. The A’s. The Airport Hilton. Now the Cranky Network Awards. Last one out of Oakland, turn out the lights.

  3. Congrats on three years in Phoenix Brett! Question, do you have dates for the 2026 & 2027 editions of the Cranky Network Awards set yet?

    1. JetCityStar – We don’t have the dates finalized yet, but most likely Feb 26, 2026 and Feb 25, 2027 if you’re looking to pencil it in.

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