Cranky on the Web: Getting My Time on Wing, Summer Trouble, and the New Frontier

Cranky on the Web, The Air Show

Figured if I’m refreshing logos, might as well do this one too, right? Here’s an action-packed week for you, and we’ll start with the latest episode of The Air Show

We are back at full strength this week, as Jon, Brian, and I get together to talk about the “New” Frontier. This isn’t just a look at the new bundling options, though that’s a part of it. It’s a bigger look that include fleet strategy and operational design. You’re gonna love it, and if you don’t… well, then, what’s wrong with you?

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Oh, one last note, have you ever thought about sponsoring The Air Show? If so, come to and talk to us. If not, again, what’s wrong with you? There is no better way to reach the most important people in the industry.

Time on Wing Podcast
I stopped by to do a lengthy chat with my partner in crime Cranky Network Weekly, Courtney Miller, along with Gueric Dechavanne. This was a wide ranging discussion that spent way too much time at the beginning on my own personal journey. If you like that, strap in. If you don’t, fast forward about half an hour in when we start talking about the industry broadly.

What’s that? You want to WATCH me talking? Well you’re in luck, because these guys do a YouTube version.

U.S. travelers are hungry for international travel. These stocks will likely benefit. – Marketwatch
I have not gotten into the business of stock predicting, but I was interviewed about prospects for a peaceful and profitable summer as part of this piece.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Getting My Time on Wing, Summer Trouble, and the New Frontier

  1. Cranky! I love the new logo! But when I saw it I had just woke up and I thought hey… That’s a spiderweb with dew drops! And then I said to DUH ( to myself)…
    I would have to say it’s a very calming and pleasant image. And I like it even though I didn’t get it at first.
    And an unrelated subject, I fly a lot and this last year I flew on Alaska, American and primarily on Delta. I love everything about Alaska except for the 1999 designed first class seats. I fly on American only when I can get a super cheap seat in first. (AA it’s such an inconsistent mess.) And then there’s Delta which I consider to be the most premium and best service airline in this country. And I know that I’ll get a lot of crap for saying that but I pay attention so I know that I’m correct Delta is the premier airline in the United States.

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