A New Cranky Talk is Live – Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 and the Boeing 737-9 Max

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Airplanes having problems? Seems like a good reason for Dave and me to get to the band back together again and talk shop. Well, that plus a listener requested we talk about it. (Yes, we do pay attention when you send us suggestions.)

Today we dive into the missing plug door of Alaska 1282. The door isn’t actually missing anymore, but… hooboy, what a mess Boeing has on its hands once again.

We obviously don’t have answers beyond what has been stated publicly, but we can still talk about how this could have happened. Let’s talk basics….

Email Dave here to tell him he shouldn’t have cut all those extra jokes I had in the original script. (I mean, who doesn’t like a good 2001: A Space Odyssey reference? Seriously, his name is DAVE. It’s too easy.)

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