Cranky on the Web: Shipping Luggage + Holiday Travel

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Is shipping luggage better than checking bags? We tried it 4 ways.Washington Post
The WaPo team put shipping to the test, and came out with good results all around. So is it worth it? For those who aren’t price sensitive or those who can’t physically deal with their bulky luggage, it might be. I would imagine for most people, it’s not.

Your One-Stop Guide to Navigating Airport Chaos This Holiday SeasonCondé Nast Traveler
Here’s another round of tips for holiday travel, many of which you’ve probably already heard. But I should point out that I strongly disagree with one of the suggestions not given by me… that you buy a backup ticket just in case you have a problem with your primary flight. I hate that, because there are only so many seats to go around, and people buying double what they need can make the difference between someone being able to afford a ticket home and not. Just book what you need.

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web: Shipping Luggage + Holiday Travel

  1. I will pay a non-airline shipper to ship my luggage, even if it costs the same as paying baggage fees to the airline. The airlines don’t deserve the money. Travelers can reduce the number of clothes which they take, but most travelers need toothpaste, deodorant, maybe sunscreen, etc. They can’t bring necessary toiletries in carry on luggage because of the security regulations. Instead of cooperating with travelers, the airlines turned around and soaked it customers with fees for an item which used to be free (a reasonable amount of checked luggage).

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