See You at Cranky Dorkfest 2023 This Saturday

Cranky Dorkfest

We’re only three short days away from Cranky Dorkfest 2023! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.

The Details

  • What: Cranky Dorkfest 2023
  • When: Saturday, September 9, 2023 from 11am to 1pm PT
  • Where: The park across from the In-N-Out at LAX
  • Who: All are welcome, and there is no cost
  • Why: Because you like watching airplanes and talking shop with fellow airline dorks

If you were lucky enough to get one of the spots for the morning airfield visit at the Flight Path Museum, you should have received an email with instructions. If you didn’t get that, let me know at

I won’t spoil all the giveaway items right now, but we do have two GeminiJets 1:400 scale Hawaiian 787-9s to give away. We had talked about reserving one of those airplanes for those who donate to support Maui fire relief, but that adds too much complexity. Instead, I’m just asking for everyone who is considering a donation to consider choosing one of these options via ‘Āina Momona to have the greatest impact.

One final (and really annoying) note… it appears that LAX has shut down runway 24R starting today through the end of the year for work, so the arrivals may be a bit further away than usual. That’s a bummer, I know. But it won’t stop us from eating burgers and talking shop.

Update: Runway 24R will now be open! The closure has been delayed a few days.

See you Saturday.

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22 comments on “See You at Cranky Dorkfest 2023 This Saturday

  1. Looks like the piano keys for 24L are only about 200 feet further away from the park than those for 24R (~1800′ vs ~1600′), so that shouldn’t be the end of the world.

    Weather forecast is around 90F and sunny, so big hats and sunscreen may be a good idea.

    This will be my first Dorkfest and I’m excited to see & meet everyone, as I’m more of an aviation geek than a true plane spotter.

    As an aside… I also fully expect the Dorkfest trip to make me feel very, VERY old, given that I’m doing a cross-country “daytrip” for DorkFest (Northeast USA to LAX and back in 24 hours, with half that time spent in a basic economy seat, and including a redeye return flight). Sometimes you have to do things your friends think are crazy in order to feel young. :-)

    1. This east coaster is impressed but, yeah, you’re crazy! Fingers crossed that your journey is successful.

    2. I’m not traveling as far as Kilroy on the way out, but by choice I am coming back via SEA to see another dorkie friend there!
      This will be my third Dorkfest – and the single reason why I come back is simply because of the work of Brett and his team (but don’t tell Andrew! – we don’t want him to get an even bigger head!)
      Looking forward to Dorkfest23!

    3. As someone who sunburns quite easily, I can tell you that sunblock is a good idea regardless of the temperature. It’s the ultraviolet waves that cause skin damage and cancer.

    4. Kilroy – One thing to keep in mind about LA is there are a million microclimates. It should be 80 on the coast where LAX is.

      1. I should be there. If I am there I will bring some stuff to contribute to the raffle:

        – Two vintage late 60s-early 70s mini-booze bottles stamped with Western Airlines and Braniff International logos.

        – A pair of vintage United Airlines “Future Pilot” and “Future Stewardess” (“Stewardess”? I said VINTAGE didn’t I?) pins in less than perfect condition. The metal pin parts have failed on both but could be refurbished probably. Aside from the metal pin parts, the rest of the pieces are intact.

        – A still-sealed-in-plastic 9 year old EVA Air Royal Laurel Class Rimowa Amenity kit. I donated one previously at Dorkfest 2015 and I now have a second I don’t need.

        – A Virgin America baggage tag (unused)

        1. Doug – We had so many people start offering to donate to the raffle in past years that we’ve limited it just to airlines or related businesses to keep it from going on forever. So, you are welcome to bring stuff and trade or just give to people, but we keep the official giveaway part separate.

      2. Thanks for the correction, Cranky. That makes a lot of sense. I see the same thing in my part of New England, as the ocean often helps moderate both winter & summer weather.

  2. I’ll be there! Not a transcon trek but it’ll be a long day with a same-day turn. Wound up rebooking the return on Southwest as it departs way later and didn’t want to rush back.

    Looking forward to my 3rd Dorkfest in a row!

  3. This will be my first Dorkfest and I am excited about meeting Brett, his staff as well as many of you that have graced this blog’s comments section with very insightful and/or snarky comments!

    Even though I am not going transcon ( only ORD-LAX-ORD) I was able to snag the outbound repositioning flight on one of United’s International 787-10’s up in front.

    I will be bringing my hand held Uniden scanner with me. Does anyone have the arrivals or tower frequencies for LAX they can share?

  4. I’ll be there! Flying in from JAX on Friday evening, then taking the redeye back Saturday night in Flagship First to JFK.

  5. I’ll be making the 5 hour drive from my house just outside of Phoenix. My first fest and I can’t wait to see everyone. Should be a good time.

  6. I’m really looking forward to this event! It’s my first. To borrow from the Pointer Sisters “I’m so excited”.

  7. Been slacking as I’ve wanted to check this out for a while and now living in San Diego, didn’t really have an excuse not to attend (well, “driving to LA” has been a good excuse for a few years). Looking forward to my first one. I’ll be staying at the H so maybe see some of you at the rooftop. Being 6’8″, I should be easy to spot as long as the marine layer clears up.

    1. Whenever people in SD complain about driving to LA, I remind them that Amtrak has 21 trains per day on that route…

      1. Fair point.

        I’d be curious to know what Amtrak’s A14 is on that route and what the average delay is.

        Perhaps it’s better in southern California, or perhaps public perception has simply not yet caught up to operational improvements, but in the DC to BOS corridor Amtrak is notorious for poor OTP and hefty delays.

  8. Can’t make it this year and I’m bummed. But I have a work trip to LA in October so will be staging my own, mini Dorkfest then. Hope to see my fellow avgeeks next year!

  9. First time attending. Feeling a bit nervous since I know basically nobody in the community, but looking forward to hopefully meeting folks and getting more into it.

    1. JC – Nothing to be nervous about! It’s very casual, just a bunch of people standing around on the grass eating burgers and watching airplanes.
      Everyone is friendly, just poke your head in and say hello to people.

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