Cranky on the Web: Loyalty For New Frequent Fliers

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A Guide to Awards Travel for Brand-New Frequent FliersThe Wall Street Journal
My advice hasn’t changed much over the last few years… unless you are a true road warrior reaching the highest status levels, it’s probably not worth it to let loyalty drive any air travel decisions.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Loyalty For New Frequent Fliers

  1. Changed my strategy years ago, as soon as the airlines shifted from miles flown to money spent for status. As a freelancer, I can’t go up against corporate travel departments, so after 17 years as Exec Plat on AA, I shifted to flying less and buying from whoever gave me the best deal in F.

  2. Spot on. Am far less loyal to airlines nowadays and simply exploit the credit card points regularly, and have scored business class seats on long haul international flights without much issue and plenty of advance planning. The airline loyalty programs are likely going to be gone for good in a few years in their present form and replaced with something else that won’t have the middle and back tiers that exist today.

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