Mark Your Calendars: Cranky Dorkfest 2023 is September 9

Cranky Dorkfest

Every year, people ask earlier and earlier when Cranky Dorkfest will be, so we’ve made an effort to start announcing earlier than in the past. That means, we have a date for next year!

Cranky Dorkfest 2023 will be on Saturday, September 9

If you haven’t been before, you may have heard about the event. It’s a simple premise: a bunch of us get together and watch airplanes at LAX and eat burgers. The beauty is in the simplicity of it all. Here’s what it was like this year when we had about 400 people attend.

  • What: Cranky Dorkfest 2023
  • When: Saturday, September 9, 2023 from 11am to 1pm PT
  • Where: The park across from the In-N-Out at LAX
  • Who: All are welcome, and there is no cost
  • Why: Because you like watching airplanes and talking shop with fellow airline dorks

Once again, we’ve teamed up with NYC Aviation to make sure we’re lined up with the SpotLAX event so that you’ll have opportunities to hang out and talk shop all weekend long.

I heard from a lot of you this year that you really, really wish we could bring the airfield tour back again in the morning before the event. LAX knows people want that back, but there are all sorts of hurdles. Still, we’ll do our best to see if we can make it happen again. Just watch this space for more information.

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3 comments on “Mark Your Calendars: Cranky Dorkfest 2023 is September 9

  1. Brett’s selfless efforts to support bonding within the industry….and to facilitate utterly joyful things (…like allowing a child to watch a plane land with his/her mom &/or dad…)…is/are why Brett will be remembered as a legend within aviation. Brett is always thinking about what is best for the industry and for others. Brett could have probably made 5x (in profits) if he was focused solely on the bottom line – instead, Brett is focused on what is best for the industry and for others (…from the free extraordinary podcast content…to Dorkfest….to offering world class free thought leadership….) Brett is truly a heroic figure within aviation and an extraordinary friend to so many in the industry.

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