A New Cranky Talk is Live – Winter Outlook


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Everyone is asking the question… will my flight be canceled over the holidays or will everything be fine? We have no idea, but that won’t stop us from talking about it. At least we can try to read the tea leaves, knowing that one good winter storm will probably be the decider in the end anyway.

I hope you enjoy the banter this week. Dave was really busy, so I wrote a script and told him to just read it. Dave proved he was up to the task, but not without protest once he realized the words I put in his mouth.

Email Dave here to tell him how you feel about his use of profanity.

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5 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – Winter Outlook

  1. These podcast posts never generate much comment. Do people not listen, or is it just that the podcast has to come from a different website? How do the podcast downloads compare with page views for normal blog posts, I wonder?

    1. Grichard – There are fewer podcast downloads than normal page views just because there’s more of an investment in time to listen. But it gives it a definitely boost when I post this with 4 figures listening, so it’s definitely reaching people.

    2. At least for me, I usually listen when I’m away from my computer, like while driving or walking the dog. So if I had any comment, I’m not in a good position to respond at the time I listen and I’ll likely forget by the time I am. Compared to when I’m reading the blog and can respond immediately on the same site.

      Since I subscribe in Apple Podcasts, I’ll get notification when the episode go live, which is often a few days before the blog post about it goes up. So again, more time to forget any response I’d have posted.

  2. I just listened to this, and unlike the others I have a comment/question… ;-)

    CF, I’m curious how the regionals who fly for multiple majors choose which major gets their flights cut? Is it something like “we’re down by 10% on our E175 pilots at ORD so all of our E175 customers, the majors, have to take a 10% cut out of lines flown from ORD? Or is it a contentious meeting? Or was this sort of thing all premeditated in the contract, and AA knows that Republic cuts them before they cut DL, because AA took that risk for a cheaper rate?

    1. Nick – It’s a great question, and I don’t really know. I assume that some of this may be written into contracts. At the same time, I imagine regionals have at least some control over how they move things around. But it’s a thorny thing no matter what. You’ll always find someone who is unhappy.

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