Cranky on the Web: Southwest Conspiracies, Non-Revving

Cranky on the Web

Your conspiracy theories about Southwest’s boarding policy are wrongWashington Post
WaPo tries to decrypt the Southwest boarding process, and I was asked to help.

#36 Brett is A Super DORKfestNon-Rev Lounge
Come and have a listen and we talk about a whole bunch of things ranging from some old non-rev stories from my America West days to Cranky Dorkfest coming up one week from today.

Advice From The Cranky Flier On How To Navigate Airline DelaysUS Transport News
Here’s an interview I did with a variety of questions.

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  1. Through flights get a mention, I’ve also noticed that Chicago is a tough place to get a good boarding spot because others have checked into earlier flights then connect onto my flight, giving them a better number.

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