Cranky on the Web: JetBlue, Spirit, and Nothing Else

Cranky on the Web

This was a local news kind of week, and that is always fun.

With Frontier out, JetBlue likely to buy Spirit; higher airfares possible at Philly and Baltimore?ABC 27 Harrisburg
This piece came out after the Frontier deal died but right before the JetBlue announcement had been made. What does it mean for Harrisburg? Probably not much, but I’d say it’s less likely we’d see JetBlue go in there than Spirit on its own.

What Spirit-JetBlue merger could mean for flyers, South FloridaABC 10 Miami
There’s more at stake in South Florida since that is Spirit’s current headquarters. I spoke with this local station about what that could mean for the region.

JetBlue-Spirit merger could put RDU terminal space up for grabsTriangle Business Journal
And what about for RDU? Well, if JetBlue is happy there now, it’ll stay that way. I don’t know that it bodes well for future growth, but that will all depend on how this comes together.

Central Texas regional airports rebound, look to attract more airlinesABC 25 Waco
I don’t have high hopes for small regional airports anytime in the near future. My quote in here doesn’t seem quite right, but what it should say is that regional airplanes are parked because there are no pilots to fly them, and regional airports suffer most.

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