Cranky on the Web: Rough Ops Abound

Cranky on the Web

I spent a lot of time this week talking to the media, including an appearance on CBS This Morning which should air today. Most of these didn’t have links, but here’s what I have:

Patience, preparation urged as Bay Area airports brace for July 4th travel rushCBS News Bay Area
Here’s a local focus on the travel issue from a Bay Area news station.

‘It’s bad to fly right now:’ Travelers, airlines brace as summer hits busiest stretchDallas Morning News $SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED$
And another local focus, this one in Dallas.

Europe’s airports are a mess. Here’s how summer travelers can ‘prepare for the worst.’USA Today $SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED$
As bad as it’s been flying in the US this summer… Europe’s airports have been a bigger nightmare. Amsterdam in particular has been a complete and total mess, but long lines and madness are all over.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Rough Ops Abound

  1. Flew into AMS back at the end of May, out on a short KLM flight the next day, then back to the USA about 2 weeks later (so, in mid June). It was indeed a mess. Back on 5/30 when we flew to the UK, check in wasn’t bad but security was a living hell. There was a line just to wait to go upstairs where the actual security line was. This process took 2 hours (and I’m used to 5 minutes with precheck and Clear). Fast forward 2 weeks and this time check in (merely to drop our checked baggage) took over an hour. Security was again horrible in T3, to the point that the police closed off access for a time and sent everyone to T2. Our timing was unbelievably lucky as we hustled over to T2 only to find a freshly opened security area with hardly anyone there! We were through within 10 minutes; and could see the pens already full of travelers waiting for security by the time we were standing in the line for passport control. In summary, AMS was a disorganized mess that was overrun with travelers and which had security checkpoints where only 3 lanes our of 15 were open, in spite of the crowds.

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