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photo of woman sleeping on table

If I don’t post on the scheduled Monday/Tuesday/Thursday days as normal, I’ll definitely hear about it from some of you wondering why. So, let’s head this off at the pass. There is no post today.

photo of woman sleeping on table
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April has been a blur. First I did the Oakland California Corridor Challenge, the next week was spring break with the family in Palm Springs, and then last week was full of company meetings from Tuesday on until yesterday.

I had hoped to be able to put something together for today, but I just ran out of time. So, no need to email. Tomorrow the schedule will resume as normal.

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16 comments on “No Post Today

  1. No problem, Cranky.

    You’re not the only one who’s been busy the past few weeks, we understand.

    Glad to know you’re okay and haven’t choked on too many Biscoff cookies or drowned in a puddle of POG juice. :-)

    1. The reason why JetBlue is doing this is to show good faith to the DOJ & by doing so, they would get the approval to merge with spirit without the DOJ coming back & saying what must be divested after the fact.

  2. Delighted to read that you are taking a well earned rest!

    Enjoy the (short) break!

    Thanks for all that you and your team does!

  3. Meanwhile on the Air Potpourri front, Air Burkina’s lone E175 the other engine caught fire while the aircraft was being washed.

  4. Technically speaking there IS a post today – to announce there’s no post. LOL!

    It’s not like there’s been a lot of impactful news lately. Just earnings releases, which don’t usually generate as many comments as posts about miles, etc. It’s nice to see the airlines report some upbeat news for a change. Let’s hope it’s more than passing.

    As for the JetBlue/Spirit proposal referenced above, I’m warming up to it the more I consider it. I posted my original counterpoint unaware that JetBlue and Spirit don’t overlap on as many routes as Spirit and Frontier do. Today’s proposed divestitures would have probably occurred anyway, as the obvious redundancies in south Florida would have been rationalized, and the freed-up aircraft can be used to grow elsewhere. I read a lot of negative comments about how limited JetBlue’s reach is, and this proposed merger would address many of those concerns. But I would have been interested to see if United would have pushed to get one of Frontier’s slot pairs to Denver from Reagan. Talk about minutiae!

    Why am I warming to the proposed merger? JetBlue serves a bigger portion of the overall travel market than Frontier or Spirit, which are narrowly aimed at those who want to fly on the cheap. It was pointed out that Spirit has more daily service than Frontier, which tends to emulate Allegiant’s model of less-than-daily flights. JetBlue, like Southwest, serves people who care about getting where they need to go in a relatively reliable manner, not only those who are looking to save a buck. To the related DOJ lawsuit regarding the NEA, I still think there’ll be a settlement for one reason – no one knows what a judge will decide – and as the old saying goes, “You’re better off with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” The second (and less pressing) reason I think there’ll be a settlement is that the NEA has largely done what it promised to do – enhance competition east of the Hudson River. The JetBlue/Spirit tie-up should also help quell speculation over a possible JetBlue/American merger.

    Before Tim Dunn accuses me of accusing him of wanting to see American liquidated (boy, is that convoluted – LOL!), I want to point out that it’s his **rhetoric** I comment on, not necessarily his intent (which I can’t know, since I’m not clairvoyant). Tim’s constant gloating and his misuse and weaponization of DOT data lead me to be critical of his posts from time to time, even though he sometimes does raise cogent points.

  5. I wrote my post before I saw the news about Spirit’s Board rejecting JetBlue’s offer. I was wondering when that shoe would drop. I really don’t see the regulatory issues as being much of a problem with either proposal. It’s not like Delta and United are proposing a merger.

    1. There’s almost certainly going to be a stockholder lawsuit now – $33 cash per share compared to $ 22.42 (estimated) cash-and-stock is tricky to compare, when you have to look at potential future profit from a possible merged Sprit-Frontier in the future versus cash in hand right now. And the argument can cut both ways, depending on your ROI projections and profitability assumptions of what the combined Frontier-Spirit can do.

      JetBlue could take the risk of trying a hostile takeover, but that could increase the cost even further with no guarantee of success.

      This is going to get more interesting, and potentially a lot uglier and longer.

      1. Sounds like almost no matter what happens, the lawyers, investment bankers, consultants, politicians, and executives will make out handsomely from this whole drama… Shocking, I know! (rolls eyes)

        I don’t mean to sound cynical or negative, and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a “better way”, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder…

  6. Dammit. It’s bad enough the airlines are having resource scheduling issues…now it’s spreading to airline blogs. The FAA is going to hear about this. Trust me… :P

  7. Enjoy, but allow me to comment.

    Please know, May 2, 2022, the EAS program locally lives on. As I was driving from breakfast, the local EAS contractor was taking off on its third flight of the day, just a little past 10 am (three departures to an interstate destination, two more to a place in-state).

    The contractor, whose name means nothing to the locals, or most anyone else, surely seems to be operating a reliable, consistent service, if, I say if, people are using. Who knows!

    As it is Governor/Senator primary time here, with candidates’ ads playing every few seconds, 24/7, I haven’t seen anyone taking a position as to how the EAS program makes or doesn’t make sense. I doubt anyone running has ever heard of EAS or could offer an opinion about it.

    Staying on subject..,ah yes, and you thought your readers wouldn’t comment on a “NO POST TODAY” post. Hah!

  8. So there is no post today…but there was a post today…but it was about there not being a post today…but that can’t be because there is no post today, it says so right at the top of the…post…that’s not a post…”


    “C’mon, Spock, time for a drink…”

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