3 Links I Love: SeaTac Gets Crushed, Cranky Awards Link, Hunter to Avelo, PDX Carpet

Links I Love

Sea-Tac Airport employees weathered a ‘perfect storm’ this winterSeattle Times
It was not a good holiday for Seattle, but now you can read through all the things that hit the airport time and time again.

This is a video that you can’t watch. It’s actually the link to the Cranky Network Awards 2022 livestream which will begin at 6:30pm PT next Thursday, February 24. Bookmark it now so you can join the fun.

Hunter Keay to AveloLinkedIn
That’s quite the grab for Avelo to have Hunter as their CFO. I wonder why he made the jump down there?

PDX and Its Iconic Carpet: Reunited (And It Feels So Good)PDX Next
I think just about everyone would admit there is an unhealthy love of Portland’s carpet pattern. But still, nice to see it coming back. And I had no idea there was one spot it still lived.

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4 comments on “3 Links I Love: SeaTac Gets Crushed, Cranky Awards Link, Hunter to Avelo, PDX Carpet

    1. Oh yeah, this is what happens when you write a post quickly while focusing most of your attention on the actual event!

  1. Hunter Keay blurs the line between the industry and covering it. As Sonny Crockett said on Miami Vice: “You can’t tell the players even with a scorecard.” The lure of east money has a very strong appeal.

  2. Oh look! It’s another “perfect storm!” As CF said, these singular, uniquely perfect storms somehow “hit the airport time and time again.” Silly. This is a phrasing that requires far greater skepticism from journalists.

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