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Cranky on the Web

DLD 369: Northern Pacific’s new paint jobDots, Lines & Destinations
At the Northern Pacific roll out this week, I spent about 10 minutes with Seth Miller talking about the airline and our thoughts. Have a listen as we sit in a hallway under the watchful eye of a security guard in his vehicle. It was the perfect place to hang out and talk.

687 Airline Customer ServiceAirplane Geeks
I was supposed to be a guest on Airplane Geeks this week, but they weren’t able to record as scheduled, so we will have to gather again another time. I did, however, have a brief chat with Brian Coleman at the Northern Pacific rollout, and they worked that into this week’s episode.

Passenger volume grows at Ontario airport in 2021 but falls short of pre-pandemic levelSan Gabriel Valley Tribune
For this piece, I was asked about whether operational cancellations were still an issue or not. They really aren’t right now. Things have gotten back pretty much toward normal.

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