How You Can Attend the Cranky Network Awards, Get a Free Cranky Network Weekly Subscription, And Help a Good Cause


The Cranky Network Awards are now less than 2 months away, and the program is shaping up quite nicely. Now, you have a chance to join the rock stars of the network planning world in person as we auction off seats to also help a worthy cause… scholarships for pilot training via the EAA. As an added bonus, some of you will be able to get your Skeds of air Lines fix with a free subscription for Cranky Network Weekly through 2022.

The event will be held at the University Club in Pasadena, California on the evening of February 24, 2022. The show is expected to begin at 6:15pm that night, but we will have full details available for you shortly. We will be giving away awards to honor achievements in airline network planning for 2021, and there will be a tasty meal served as well. (And no, my definition of “tasty” is not a coach meal.)

So far we’ve only invited airline network execs, media, and a few other invited guests. Now we are going to open it up to the general public, but only for a handful of spots. Here’s how this will work.

Step 1

Fill out the embedded form below. If you don’t see the form, you can use this link instead. Each bidder is eligible for only 1 ticket, so put the amount you’re willing to pay for that 1 ticket. Bids can be submitted through Monday, January 10 at 11:59pm PT, and there is a minimum bid of $250. Tickets are valued at $500, but we are not expecting to put these on sale for general admission, so the value is higher than that.

Whatever you bid is what you’ll end up paying, there is no rounding up or down in relation to other bids, so keep that in mind.

Step 2

On January 11, we will go through the bids and start emailing winners at the addresses provided in the form with a link to pay.

The top 3 bidders will not only be invited to join the event in person, but they will also be given an individual subscription to Cranky Network Weekly through 2022. Keep in mind that is worth thousands of dollars, so there is solid incentive to bid high!

We will also pick additional winners going down the list in descending order by bid amount until we’ve filled up our available space.

Step 3

You will have until Monday, January 17 at 11:59pm PT to submit your payment and confirm your spot. If you do not confirm by then, we will work our way down the list and you will lose your spot.

Remember, this is an airline event, so tickets are only valid for the name submitted on the bid. They are not transferable and IDs will be checked by an uninterested government employee before being allowed to board enter the venue.

There will be COVID protocols in place, but we won’t be sure of exactly what that is until it gets closer. Just keep in mind that a vaccine will likely be required.

Step 4

Have fun! There will be much alcohol and plenty of great conversation to be had. Once it’s all done, we will take the net proceeds from this auction after direct costs and donate half to fund pilot scholarships.

I hope to see you there!

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