Cranky on the Web: Will Holiday Travel Be Smooth?

Cranky on the Web

Airlines and travelers brace for possible upcoming holiday chaos KCBS Radio
Getting AnswersABC7 KGO Bay Area (skip to the 20 minute mark)
It’s that time of year where media outlets want to talk about holiday travel. This year people are nervous, and rightfully so after the airlines messed up multiple times in October. Here are two of the appearances I’ve done this week, trying to add a little levity to help people keep things in perspective and not freak out.

2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Will Holiday Travel Be Smooth?

  1. It’s always interesting to hear what you have to say, Brett. And “trepidacious” brought a smile….

  2. I’m certainly not Cranky but I’m going to go with “No, it most certainly will not.”

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