A New Cranky Talk is Live – Airline Employee Vaccine Mandates


Cranky Talk – Airline Employee Vaccine Mandates

This week, Dave again picked the topic, and again, he came fired up. We started this podcast before the Biden Administration issued its vaccine rules, so we talk about how the different airlines are approaching it. Then we get into what’s likely to happen.

Doesn’t sound controversial enough? Well, don’t you worry. We talk about religion and cults too. What could go wrong?

Email Dave here and tell him how you feel about his newfound passion.

Download Cranky Talk here or listen below.

Thank you again to this week’s sponsor, the JETS ETF. You can learn more at jetsetf.com.

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1 comment on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – Airline Employee Vaccine Mandates

  1. I don’t know David, but if David started an airline, I’d work for him. I am on his side on this one. Thanks for the general recap of various operator’s policies about vaccinations and their crews. I look forward to learning more about the impact of the President’s vaccination mandate on the holdout airlines.

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