2022 Cranky Network Awards Are Coming to You Live on February 24


When the first Cranky Network Awards aired earlier this year, I promised we’d do it in person in 2022. And now, it’s happening…

The 2022 Cranky Network Awards will be held on February 24, live with actual people from fabulous Pasadena, California, a stone’s throw from our airport sponsor, Ontario International Airport!

The awards ceremony will be at the University Club of Pasadena, and yes, there will be plenty of booze. But there’s a lot that we still don’t know yet. So, let’s break down what we know and what we don’t.

What We Do Know

  • The 2022 Cranky Network Awards WILL once again honor the finest achievements in airline network planning for the US and Canada.
  • There WILL be a lot of booze.
  • We WILL hand out trophies to our winners live from the University Club of Pasadena on the evening of February 24.
  • The ceremony WILL be streamed as a live broadcast.
  • There WILL be a lot of booze.
  • We have already received great feedback from network and C-level executives at more than half a dozen US airlines who WILL be in attendance with more to come.

What We Don’t Know

  • The exact time of the event has NOT been finalized, but if you’re streaming on the east coast, it may very well be a late night since this is an evening event. Don’t worry, you can watch it the next day too.
  • The categories themselves have NOT been finalized. Many of last year’s categories will remain the same, but there will probably be some changes as well.
  • Who will be able to attend is also something that we do NOT know. Obviously airline network teams will be invited so they can celebrate their wins and drink away their losses. Airports will be welcomed as well, and we will have sponsorship opportunities for other interested parties that will include a ticket to the big event. We will be looking into options for consultants and vendors along with media opportunities. But for the general public, the plan will depend upon how much room we have and how many others will be there.
  • The cost to attend has NOT been determined… for those who are lucky enough to score tickets. We do expect to have at least one component as a charity auction of some sort, so there will be some opportunity no matter what but details are fuzzy.

Beyond the CNAs themselves, we have other plans brewing. We have secured a hotel block which we will tell attendees about later on. We will also be having a small, closed event the next morning which I’m calling the Cranky Conclave. This will be an opportunity for airline network folks to gather and talk about industry issues. The public and media will not be invited to that.

We will be locking this down over the next few months as we work out the details. I will, of course, post about it here when the time comes. In the meantime…

  • If you are in network planning at an airline and you’re interested in attending, email us at cna@crankyflier.com.
  • If you are interested in discussing a sponsorship, email us at cna-sponsor@crankyflier.com.
  • And if you happen to have an a/v company and would like to talk to us about filming the program, email us at cna-av@crankyflier.com.

It’s still six months away, but we are getting excited about this. Whether you can join us in person or you’ll be streaming from home, block off the evening of February 24 and get ready for some fun.

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2 comments on “2022 Cranky Network Awards Are Coming to You Live on February 24

  1. I can’t wait for these, and especially look forward to the video of them. I just hope that the live version of the CNAs in 2022 have as many creative and funny touches as last year’s recorded acceptance speeches did (like the “washing machine airplane window” thing, which was pure genius).

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