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Allegiant passengers endure 16-hour flight delay to California cityLas Vegas Review-Journal
Talk about an unfortunate set of events… some people flying from Vegas to Stockton had a long saga that involved an overnight in LA. I was asked to comment on the fact that Allegiant paid for the overnight stay but nothing else.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Allegiant’s Long Delay

  1. Unless there simply weren’t buses available, wouldn’t it have made more sense to land at OAK (Allegiant’s nearest station) and just bus the passengers to Stockton? Or from Fresno (about a 2:15 trip)? Would have probably been cheaper than hotel rooms near LAX and better for the passengers.

  2. Could they not divert to OAK, SMF or FAT? This seems quite ridiculous to me, as there were a ton of options available that would have been far better than flying down to LAX and dumping the pax there. Yet another reason not to fly Allegiant – as if we needed another one…

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