Cranky on the Web: Rise of Revenge Travel, Ticket Validity

Cranky on the Web

Could ‘Revenge Travel’ Help Airlines Recover From Pandemic?The Show on KJZZ Phoenix public radio
The name “revenge travel” is kind of silly, but the idea that people want to come back and travel with a vengeance after the pandemic is real. I sat down to talk to Mark Brodie on The Show about travel, and we had a good 7+ minute conversation.

The Planedemic: Why Hundreds Of Airplanes Are Still Grounded In The Arizona DesertKJZZ Phoenix public radio
KJZZ got me for a two-fer, this one talking about grounded airplanes in Arizona.

American and United Extend Deadlines On Unused Flight CreditsBloomberg ($)
Bloomberg is one of the many outlets looking into expiring credits and vouchers. I’ve actually been working on a post with a different angle as well, so look for that soon.

2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Rise of Revenge Travel, Ticket Validity

  1. Too many idiots on flights who think rules do not apply to them. Flew first time in 15 months on southwest. On arrival at bwi it appeared police had to escort off a man. Guessing it was mask related.

    Rough job for FAs but I don’t get the “we don’t have to follow the rule crowd”. You really want to spend time dealing with an arrest while traveling?

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