The Cranky Flier Interview #20 – Avianca CEO Anko van der Werff

Podcast, The Cranky Flier Interview

It’s time for another Cranky Flier Interview presented by Ontario International Airport. This time, I went south of the border… virtually… to speak with Avianca’s CEO Anko van der Werff.

You can listen below or download the episode.

Anko arrived at Avianca in 2019 to find an airline in rough shape after the reign of former owner German Efromovich. I spoke with Anko both about his initial plan and what changed once the COVID pandemic hit.

It’s been quite the ride over the last two years, with Avianca being forced to file for bankruptcy protection thanks to the pandemic.

Listen to the interview now!

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3 comments on “The Cranky Flier Interview #20 – Avianca CEO Anko van der Werff

  1. Kudos for the pending SAL-ONT launch. Will be interesting to observe development of the route. I will note that the Ontario Airport Authority has an ongoing Air Carrier Incentive Program that, in part, helped to make the route potentially feasible. San Salvador was a desired & targeted destination under that program.

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