Last Chance for Cranky Gear Before We Shut It Down


If you’ve been waiting to get your Cranky Gear for some reason, you shouldn’t wait much longer. The last day to purchase Cranky Gear on the website is February 28. After that, we’re pulling it all down.

Until that day, you can go get your fill of mugs, face masks, airport t-shirts, airline hub t-shirts, and more. We have vintage airport t-shirts, and yes, the top airport t-shirts are available as well.

Don’t forget our airport hoodies, Christmas ornaments, and wall posters. EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Chicago/O'Hare (ORD) Poster - White on Black Background

Except, there isn’t really anything tangible that must go, so there’s no “clear the warehouse” sale here. This has always been a print-on-demand situation, and while this did its job in helping us raise revenue when things were toughest, there were enough logisitical issues to overcome to slim margins. Those prices seem high, right? That’s because there just isn’t as much to be made in those print-on-demand models.

This doesn’t mean Cranky Gear will be gone forever. Our future plan is to occasionally roll out limited edition products. We will announce them, take pre-orders, and then we can order them all at once in bulk and not have to do the on-demand thing. That will help us get a better handle on quality and should help reduce prices. I don’t know when the first of those will happen, but you can watch Wednesdays here to find out. If you have requests, we’re always open to them at

Thank you to everyone who bought Cranky Gear over the last year. We really do appreciate it more than you know.

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2 comments on “Last Chance for Cranky Gear Before We Shut It Down

  1. I’ve proudly worn my “top airports” and ATL shirt (along with my “Breathe Normally…” face mask) from Cranky during the ~4 or so roundtrips that I’ve flown in the past year or so. I get a kick out of those, and from the looks I’ve gotten, it seems like many airport & airline employees do as well.

    I have yet to make it out to a Cranky fest, as I live on the opposite corner of the country, but I hope to do so this year or next, and hope you’ll consider offering limited edition T-shirts for pre-order the next time you have the annual Cranky fest event.

    1. You seem like a nice chap, Kilroy. Did you do your undergrad at UVA? If yes, what was your first-year dorm?

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