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3 Links I Love: Southwest’s Strategy, Surrender the Dragon, Wizz Goes South

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This week’s featured link

What’s Southwest’s Network Strategy?Fly Data Guy
A former Southwest network planner talks about how Southwest has moved toward connecting banks during the pandemic.

Image of the Week: That is one good-looking airplane.

Two for the road

Cathay Pacific closes Dragon brand, shifts flying to budget unit HK ExpressTPG
Cathay Dragon — formerly Dragonair — was a tweener, and tweeners haven’t done all that well as of late. Instead, Cathay will sit and hope that it has enough demand for its premium service while pushing everything else to low-cost HK Express. For an airline that always seemed averse to starting a low-cost operator, this seems like surrender. Then again, with China getting aggressive in Hong Kong, it’s not clear what future demand will look like for Cathay even when the pandemic is over.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi receives AOCch-aviation
Consider this a little taste of a post I’m working on. Wizz is on fire right now, adding service everywhere it can. Will some fail? Sure. But Wizz has the balance sheet to be able to push ahead while others retreat.

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