Cranky on the Web: JetBlue Ditches Long Beach for LAX, Empty Middles

Cranky on the Web, JetBlue

I will have plenty to say on this topic in detail on Monday, but both USA Today and TPG asked me for comment, and I was happy to oblige.

Bye-bye Long Beach, hello LAX: JetBlue exiting longtime Southern California baseUSA Today

JetBlue to open LAX base, end flights to Long Beach in West Coast realignmentTPG

I was also asked about Delta’s middle seat strategy.

‘Important step’ or ‘gimmick’? No consensus on seat blockingTravel Weekly

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web: JetBlue Ditches Long Beach for LAX, Empty Middles

  1. “Important step or gimmick?”

    It’s both. It’s a gimmick in that it might not actually mitigate risk. It’s an important step in that it helps people feel safe to fly. No recovery until that happens.

    1. A small distance is better than no distance. I’m hesitant to book a flight right now, but if I were to go, I would only consider Delta. United and AA can go away forever if they are willing to pack people into planes shoulder to shoulder right now.

  2. I’m waiting in angst to read your opinion on Monday concerning JetBlue’s move to LAX. ?

    1. Afew things…

      1. If the Long Beach city council “chose” to drag it’s feet on JetBlue’s request for an international terminal, I cant see how that failure falls on the airline.

      2. To those commenters here & elsewhere who are pissed at JetBlue for leaving LGB & relocating to LAX, I must ask you a simple question; where were you when matters related to this issue came up in city council agendas?

      3. JetBlue must see an opening at LAX since American is shrinking there & they want to attempt a market share grab while the timing looks right. Plus there are opportunities for interlining agreenments both domesticly as well as internationally. Hawaiian is just one good example of what could be out there for them. So I wouldn’t judge too harshly, even though it may anger the LA locals.

  3. ?See ya JB… don’t let the (hanger) door hit you in the ass! Sorry LB didn’t give you that Huge New Terminal you wanted, or those exotic International Flights. But thanks for all the public relation hype, the expensive scaled down new terminal, and that airport financed monstrous parking structure! But most of thanks for leaving us with all the unpaid “DEBT”.

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