Cranky on the Web: A Fireside Chat With Cowen and Company, Travel is Difficult with Miles to Go

Cranky on the Web

Happy weirdest 4th of July ever!

Fireside Chat with Brett Snyder, President, Cranky Concierge and President, Cranky Flier
Earlier this week, I (virtually) sat with Helane Becker, Cowen and Company’s airline industry analyst for an hour-long call about future demand, schedules, and more. This was meant for investors, but Helane kindly shared the replay link which should be open for a few more days. If you’d like to hear our discussion, click that link above before it’s gone.

Cranky Flier Talks About How Difficult Travel Is Right Now
What’s that? You like hearing my voice so much you want more to help you get through this long holiday weekend? I’m happy to oblige. I was very pleased to be asked to come back on the Miles to Go podcast to talk about how difficult it can be to travel right now. Make sure to have a listen by clicking that link above.

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