A New Cranky Talk Is Live: Summer Travel Ideas in the Time of COVID-19


Summer Travel Ideas in the Time of COVID-19
It’s time for another episode of Cranky Talk. This time, I bring in a special guest to talk about summer travel ideas in smaller towns around the US. With international travel on ice for some time, this seemed like something helpful we could put together. Oh, and that special guest? It’s Dave, our first Cranky Concierge employee.

Please have a listen and let me know if you like the two-person format or not. Download it here or listen below.

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3 comments on “A New Cranky Talk Is Live: Summer Travel Ideas in the Time of COVID-19

  1. Lots of interesting ideas here. I like the format and the banter between Brett and Dave. My big suggestions would be to include a map and links to the areas’ tourism web sites in the blog posts for podcasts like this, as I found it really helpful to follow along with the podcast by lookup the locations in Google Maps and checking the tourist web sites for each location.

    Highly recommend Texas Hill Country (be sure to visit Real Ale Brewing in Blanco, TX, as well as some of the cave tours and wineries in the area). Fredericksburg is also worth a stop, and Austin and San Antonio are fun towns. Also, if you go to Texas Hill Country, be sure to rent a fun car to drive.. There are lots of 2-lane state highways with hills, curves, and little traffic, which makes for some really fun driving in the right car.

    Acadia is another favorite destination, and one my parents visit regularly. Lots of B&Bs in the area, hiking, camping, biking, boat tours, and scenic drives. Not the easiest place to get to but well worth it.

    Finally, I think a parody of this format would be fun to listen to. I’d love to see Brett and Dave try to keep a straight face while extolling the virtues of places like Flint, MI and Gary, IN and promoting tourism to the country’s largest superfund sites.

    1. Kilroy – Oh man, we definitely don’t want to throw any cities under the bus. But this does make me think a podcast that actually looks at cities people wouldn’t expect to be a good spots to visit would be interesting. I mean, Flint has stuff to see. Just don’t drink the water.

      1. Agreed, best not to criticize cities, especially in this environment. However, I like the idea of posts, articles, or podcasts that highlight “hidden gems” and smaller cities / areas that relatively few people think of or know about, similar to the French Lick and Leavenworth locations you mentioned.

        If you do something like this in the future, I’d suggest Pictured Rocks in Michigan’s U.P., which is a great place to spend a long weekend for those who want to get out of the heat during the summer (or see leaves during the fall), and offers lovely hiking and camping as well (plus pasties). If you expand the series to festivals and events (most of which are cancelled for this year, but never too early to start planning for 2021), I’d suggest EAA’s annual event in Oshkosh, which should be on every avgeek’s bucket list.

        Favorite aviation museums other than the Smithsonian and Wright-Patterson museums would be another fun topic to explore.

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