Cranky on the Web: JetBlue New Routes, Cleaning Supplies, SoCal Flights

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How JetBlue Just Flouted Airline Industry Norms by Launching New RoutesSkift
In case you missed it, JetBlue rolled out a bunch of new routes. I’m hoping to cover this next week when I have more information.

Sanitizer with your Stroopwafel? Many airlines are now providing cleaning supplies to passengersTPG
This is a round-up of what airlines are doing to help people be clean. I was asked to comment on what made sense and what was likely to stick around longer than others.

Flights double at Southern California airports as summer travel season nearsOrange County Register
Flights are returning to Southern California airports, but it’s, as I say, been “choppy.” Here’s a look at what’s happening.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: JetBlue New Routes, Cleaning Supplies, SoCal Flights

  1. ““I have a feeling Kirby has a little file cabinet in the back of his mind and he is going to file this away and the day a vaccine is announced, you’ll see United starts 12 fights a day from Boston to San Francisco,” Shabat said.” – Most people I know will not be taking the vaccine, and they are all huge frequent flyer….so good luck with that strategy! :-)

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