Cranky on the Web: Flying Changes, Shrinking Airlines, and To Mask or Not

Cranky on the Web

Flying during the pandemic? Here’s what you need to knowCNBC
Here’s a look at the (near) future of flying and what will change.

Major Airlines Expected to Shrink After PandemicBlue Sky News
This publication is put out by Pittsburgh International Airport, and they took a look at just how much smaller airlines will be.

To Mask or Not Mask?Mondays with Skift Airline Weekly Podcast
It was actually on Tuesday this week due to the holiday, but I sat with Airline Weekly editor Madhu Unnikrishnan for about half an hour to talk shop. Other than my dog losing her mind after seeing something out the window, I think our discussion that largely focused on flying and the social distancing myth went well. Have a listen below.

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