Cranky on the Web: A Livestream Tuesday, 39 Questions With Johnny Jet

Cranky on the Web

Mondays Live With Skift Airline Weekly
Join me and Skift Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan for a chat about the airlines on TUESDAY at 830a PT. It’ll be live, and you can register here to join. Or you can watch or listen to the replay later.

It’s an awfully-weird name for something that’s happening on Tuesday, but with the Memorial Day holiday, this had to get pushed back a day.

VIDEO: 39 Travel Questions with Brett Snyder, Founder of CrankyFlier.comJohnny Jet
I sat down with Johnny Jet, virtually of course, to answer 39 questions for him ranging from my favorite airplane movie to my worst travel moment. You’ll find both the super quick speed-dating version and the longer version on that page.

One thing I definitely I lied about: I had no idea how many countries I’d visited when he asked, so I guessed 50 to 60. It’s more like 40.

1 comment on “Cranky on the Web: A Livestream Tuesday, 39 Questions With Johnny Jet

  1. I love that your favorite airplane movie is Airplane!

    Maybe that’s because it’s mine too. Or maybe that’s because it’s such a great movie. Either way… Checkmate!

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