Cranky on the Web: Impact on Travelers and Employees, More Refunds, Biscoff, and a Virtual Happy Hour

Cranky on the Web

What does the airline aid package mean for travelers? Not muchTPG
The headline says it pretty well. Other than having more flights operating than demand would otherwise require, the aid package shouldn’t mean much of a change for travelers.

Can you get an airline ticket refund due to postponed Olympics or coronavirus crisis?Los Angeles Times
The refund drama continues, as travelers increasingly wonder whether they can get their money back. I offered some thoughts here.

Airline employees grapple with tough decision — take leave or stick it out?Dallas Business Journal
Here’s a different take about what airline employees should do with all these furloughs being offered.

How Biscoff Cookies Became the Snack We Crave on PlanesCondé Nast Traveler
This was a nice distraction from everything else going on in the world. Take a nice, short read through everyone’s favorite airplane cookie.

On a separate note, I was again named to Condé Nast’s list of top Travel Specialists this year for my work at Cranky Concierge.

Lastly this week, Ben over at One Mile at a Time has been doing virtual happy hours, and he asked me to join him this week. I grabbed some scotch and sat down for an hour to talk shop. You know you have way too much time to kill, so grab a drink and come and listen in below or by clicking this link.

6 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Impact on Travelers and Employees, More Refunds, Biscoff, and a Virtual Happy Hour

  1. Favorite snack on UA is the Stroopwafel.  So much so, that CEO Oscar Munoz brought it back.  On my flight last month, a male passenger helped himself to 3 when the F/A was not looking.  I told him some stores sold them and he asked “where, I want to get some”?

    1. I loved those as a kid. My grandfather would give them to my brother and I when he picked us up from school. I don’t think I have had one since he passed in 1976.

  2. Beyond the usual “classics” (Biscoff, stroppwafel, blue chips, etc), food manufacturers often sell snacks to airlines at low/no margins in order to drive trial, and hope that consumers buy the snacks the next time they are in the store. In addition to promotions like coupons, sampling events at stores, and similar, getting foods on airline flights is another way companies promote their products.

  3. Leave me with a package of Biscoffs & a jar of peanut butter, and I’ll show you some binge eating that just might make Joey Chestnut do a double take!

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