Save the Date: Cranky Dorkfest 2020 Is Coming September 12

Cranky Dorkfest

It is time to mark your calendars. Cranky Dorkfest 2020 has officially been set for Saturday, September 12 at LAX!

Last year, I had the successful progressive dinner and the airport tour in addition to the regular spotting event. What will this year bring? I have absolutely no idea. No, seriously. I haven’t planned anything yet. All I know is we will, as always, eat burgers and watch airplanes from 11am to 1pm. If there’s more, you’ll find out about it here first.

Once again, I’ll be doing this the same weekend as NYCAviation’s SpotLAX event, so come on out and enjoy it all. For those who aren’t familiar with Cranky Dorkfest, here are the details:

What: Cranky Dorkfest 2020
When: Saturday, September 12 from 11am to 1pm for the main event (we’ll see what other events might happen down the line)
Where: At the park across from In-N-Out at LAX
Why: Because we all love to watch airplanes and eat In-N-Out burgers
Who: I’ll be there. Pretty sure a bunch of you will be too, but I guarantee nothing.
How: If you live in the LA area, you can drive, walk, or take a bus. Otherwise, a plane is probably your best bet. But never underestimate the promise of a solar-powered yacht.

That’s all for now, but keep watching this space to find out more details. For now, just mark those calendars.

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14 comments on “Save the Date: Cranky Dorkfest 2020 Is Coming September 12

  1. No idea whether I will make the trek down this year. Regardless, I maintain my Crankyflier New Years prediction that you won’t top last year’s Dorkfest is very much alive and well and living in hope…

  2. Calendar is marked and I looked for flights yesterday, holding off until the Southwest and Spirit schedules are extended to cover it and the prices (hopefully) come down a bit.

    Any possibility of a second Dorkfest like Dorkfest DFW last year?

    1. CraigTPA – No plans to do that as of now. It was fun, but that was more opportunistic. If another opportunity arose, then I’d consider it.

  3. As the proud daughter of a dad who was a planespotter before that was a thing (mom made us sandwiches and dad took me to the end of the runway at PDX for hours at a time, best weekend day out ever), can you have somebody go over plane livery schemes? When I do my spotting from the airport gates, I love taking pix of the Dodgers plane, the Disney planes, the Oregon State U plane…

    So glad I found out about your community – I live in the marina and can attend this year!

  4. I heard about last year’s event on an aviation podcast but only after the fact. Hope to attend this year!

  5. 2019 was fun Hope to do it again!!!and be able to do the XXTRA stuff like the up close plane tour on the runway…

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