Cranky on the Web: Buying Condor, Don't Fly With the Flu

Cranky on the Web

Since 3 links was pushed to yesterday, I moved Cranky on the Web to today

Polish Aviation Group to Purchase Condor AirlinesBlue Sky
Pittsburgh currently has service from Condor, so it is naturally very interested in what the acquisition of the airline means. We don’t know, but I was happy to comment based on what LOT has been saying… things aren’t likely changing anytime soon.

Doctors Urge Travelers Not to Fly With FluNBC5 Chicago
I was asked how to try to work with airlines to get fees waived if you can’t fly because of illness. The first thing to do is… ask. It can’t hurt. But as I note in here, if you’re really concerned about it, you can always consider travel insurance.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Buying Condor, Don't Fly With the Flu

  1. “…travel insurance is something that *would* help get your money back if you get sick and aren’t able to travel…”

    Perhaps change that to “could” help. The airlines — which created this problem in the first place by instituting outrageous and ever-higher change fees — control the terms of the game: “Delta said it offers situational flexibility.”
    “American Airlines said it reviews each situation on a case-by-case basis.”

    It’s completely up to the airline. Pax’ ultimate leverage, in cases where they’re ambulatory and the airline refuses, is to tell the carrier, “I guess I’ll be flying then.” A lousy game of medical chicken so airlines can continue to collect their main sources of revenue: fees. ( )

  2. I work in Customer Relations for a major airline. If you write in before travel and mention that you want to reschedule because of the flu I will add a change tee waiver to your ticket EVERY SINGLE TIME. No one wants to be trapped in a metal tube next to someone with the flu. I thank you for thinking of others and staying home. Please ask. If it’s a basic economy ticket I’ll exchange it for a voucher for the full ticket value, as long as it’s unused.

    1. I suppose I should add that not everyone in my department will, but it certainly can’t hurt to ask. Most will.

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