Cranky on the Web: American Improves 737 First Class, Sabre Gets Sued

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American Airlines Will Make First Class Classier on Some JetsSkift
Brian Sumers was the first to get official confirmation that American will be fixing First Class on its newly-configured “Oasis” 737s with 172 seats. Those who fly in First should be happy, but coach isn’t being touched. As I was quoted as saying in the piece, that doesn’t surprise me. No, this isn’t some diatribe about how airlines only care about premium cabins. It’s just that from what I hear, coach isn’t all that uncomfortable. First, however, was a mess, so this change makes sense. That being said, it’s still a whole lot of seats on that airplane…

Sabre says DOJ suit mischaracterizes Farelogix acquisitionTravel Weekly
I must admit I’m a little confused by the DOJ’s decision to go after the Sabre purchase of Farelogix on antitrust grounds. Then again, that also requires trusting Sabre’s intentions to be good. I’m willing to make that leap.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: American Improves 737 First Class, Sabre Gets Sued

  1. Recently flew 4 legs on AMR. 3 legs in a B-737-800 and 1 leg in a A-321. All legs were in ,I believe, MCE [Main Cabin Extra]. I much preferred the A-321 for what seemed like more leg room and especially for the “seat back” IFE. The 737 just had some drop down screens. In talking to an employee later about the IFE, the employee stated that she/he believed that all seat back IFE’s were going to be done away with. This was because, supposedly, most folks now carry their own personal electronic devices. Of course, you would have to download the “American Airlines” app, *AND* furnish your own earphones.

    Since our party wasn’t carrying any “devices”, we were stuck with watching whatever was playing on the drop down screens. Plus we had to ask the flight attendant for some earphones. Hope this doesn’t actually come to pass.

  2. “In first class and economy class, American reduced legroom . . . arguing they cost too much and quickly would become obsolete.”

    So, which does American argue will become obsolete first, legroom or legs?

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