Join Me As I Fly Around the Hawaiian Islands Today with Hawaiian Airlines


Remember when I took those 8 flights touching 9 airports all within California? Today, two days shy of the three year anniversary of that adventure, I’m doing it again. You can follow along on Twitter with the #HawaiianFlyin hashtag.

Ok, I’m not REALLY doing it again. Instead I’m taking the concept to another state — one of the only other states where it’s possible to fly a bunch of flights without touching the same airport twice. Since I’m spending a month in Hawai’i, I brainstormed with the Hawaiian Airlines folks to see what we could do for one fun day.

Disclaimer: Hawaiian provided today’s flights for me

After studying the schedules, I proposed the idea of spending the day flying to every 717 station without touching the same airport twice (until the end when I had to get back to Honolulu). They agreed, and so today is the day that I get to experience a whole lot of Douglas metal. Here’s the plan:

This one is very different from when I did the California run. It involves fewer, shorter flights, but I’ve built in longer layovers along the way so that I could learn something unique by meeting with people at each station. This is as much about what happens on the ground as what happens in the air.

If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be tweeting as I go from @crankyflier using the hashtag #HawaiianFlyin. I’m not messing around with livestreams or updating this post before and after each flight. I want to focus on learning at each stop along the way. I will, of course, write this up in much greater detail down the line.

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10 comments on “Join Me As I Fly Around the Hawaiian Islands Today with Hawaiian Airlines

  1. Wow, this looks very cool indeed. I had to do a triple take when you mentioned it had been three years since the 9 airports in one day California marathon. How time does fly.

    You may recall I followed your posts on that one and determined, via GoogleMaps, that I might have been able to beat you (or come close) by driving. It was fun. I learned a thing or two.

    Since Hawaii hasn’t (yet) built any tinter-island bridges, you’re safe from any competition from me. Have a great day and then write lots after you’re done. Many will be watching.

  2. Give a wave to Molokai and Lanai.

    Apparently, the tropical cyclones decided there was nothing to see here, just Cranky on a day-trip!

  3. Enjoy! Won’t be joining you on any of those but should be arriving in Hilo on the plane you’re departing on.

  4. Enjoy your few hour stay on my island Kauai (LIH). You’ll have enough time to spot the Neo’s to/from OAK and LAX. Looking forward to Dorkfest next month.

    1. I trust that Cranky already has plans in the works to do something similar with flights within the state of Delaware. :-)

      On a serious note, what other states could you do this with? I’d imagine constraints would be the major US airlines and their regional affiliates (nothing smaller than a ~50 seater), all within 24 hours or 0001-2359, with a minimum of 4+ flights, and all stops/destinations within a given state. I would suggest that doing it all on one airline would be optional but encouraged, though others might insist on that constraint.

      Without looking into the schedules, off the top of my head I would guess Alaska, Texas, Florida, and possibly New York… Chance that Michigan, Missouri, and Tennessee might work, but I doubt it.

      1. Kilroy – To me the key requirement is not touching the same airport more than once. That eliminates most options. Sure, in a place like Michigan you could go in and out of Detroit and touch a bunch of cities, but that’s just because of the Delta hub. Using that additional constraint, I’d say Alaska, Texas, and Florida are the only likely possibilities. Florida might be tough though, since intrastate service options are pretty poor.

        1. It’s under 50 seats but in the summer you could do Massachusetts with Cape Air New Bedford – Nantucket – Martha’s Vineyard – Hyannis – Boston – Provincetown.

          You could do SYR-JFK-BUF-LGA-ROC on Delta if the schedules work.

          1. Dan – That one on Cape Air actually sounds like a lot of fun. But you’re right on that DL one, and the schedules do work.

            DL5081 SYR 559a JFK 725a DL5431 JFK 815a BUF 952a DL3487 BUF 1027a LGA 1150a DL5941 LGA 120p ROC 252p

            But that sounds like a whole lot of no fun since you sit on regionals all day and you’ll undoubtedly find your journey interrupted by weather or ATC delays. I would definitely pass on that one.

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