Cranky on the Web: Hidden City Ticketing Can Get You in Trouble

If you’re going to miss your flight, call the airline. Immediately. And be niceLos Angeles Times
I got further into the discussion about hidden city ticketing for this one, including what happens if you miss a flight in your itinerary.

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4 Responses to Cranky on the Web: Hidden City Ticketing Can Get You in Trouble

  1. bjtrmoms says:

    When you have a link please insure that everyone can easily access it without having to change their settings or subscribe / sign in to any site re The LA Times Love this blog – great information

    • Mike160 says:

      I don’t have any connection to the LA Times and had no difficulty accessing the story. I can’t imagine that it would be practical for Brett to be able to predict that you’d have an issue.

    • David SF eastbay says:

      I had to problem, I just clicked the link and went right into the LA Times story and read it.
      I know sometimes I have problems seeing things on websites with other people don’t. That must have be the case when you tried.

    • DTB says:

      Many websites limit the number of articles you can read free before they intervene and require a subscription. Once you hit that limit, you are blocked. The solution is simple: Go to your browser”s history and delete everything (except passwords, if you’re foolish enough to save them in the browser). This will delete all the cookies and the website restriction count starts at zero. Whenever you are blocked, delete and reload the site.

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