Cranky Dorkfest DFW Was a Huge Success, Save the Date for Cranky Dorkfest LAX on September 7

Cranky Dorkfest

Thank you to the more than 250 of you that came out to Founders’ Plaza at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for Cranky Dorkfest DFW on Sunday. The event was an enormous success. We had a ton of incredible raffle prizes, and we were able to raise $1,640 for Challenge Air for Kids & Friends in the process. I’m going to get into more detail below, but first, I’m happy to announce that the date for Cranky Dorkfest LAX has been set. It will be from 11a to 1p PT on Saturday, September 7. This will again be the same weekend as NYCAviation’s SpotLAX2019 and it’s just two days before the start of the APEX Expo in LA. So mark your calendars!

But let’s get back to Cranky Dorkfest DFW, because it was a great event. We picked the right day since Saturday had gusty winds with the wrong runways in use for proper spotting. On Sunday, the winds calmed down just in time for a brilliant 60 degree afternoon. There’s certainly less aircraft variety than in LA, but the plethora of silver MD-80s made up for any lack of diversity. (Plus, we did see the Qantas A380, Qatar oneworld aircraft, Avianca Embraer 190, and a few other goodies.)

People showed up early, and in fact, the photo above was before the event even officially started. (It was also still breezy at that point, as you can tell from my hair.) That table above was meant to showcase all the raffle prizes. We had things ranging from some impressively large models from United to 2 seats on the last revenue MD-80 flight on American. Spirit also gave away two pairs of free tickets, and DFW has two sets of VIP airfields tours. I want to be sure to thank all the companies that donated to the raffle (in alphabetical order).

  • American Airlines
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Braniff Airways Foundation
  • British Airways
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • Korry Franke
  • Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
  • Spirit Airlines
  • The Air Current
  • United Airlines

I need to give special thanks to two organizations. First, American Airlines was kind enough to sponsor the two food trucks at the event. I believe everyone who came received free lunch thanks to American. (Sorry about the long lines, but there were a ton of you there.)

And lastly, I have to thank Casey and the whole team at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. They put this thing together and made life easy for me and for all the attendees. They put together signage, found overflow parking, had officers directing people, brought heaters and tables, and collected all of the raffle prizes. Oh, and most important of all, they brought me a bullhorn. I had way too much fun with that.

This event was different than the casual, unorganized September affair we have in LA, but it was one that I thought went well enough to replicate. If anyone at a major airport around the US is interested in putting something like this together, just reach out to me at I don’t want to do these more than a couple times a year at most, but I would like to try to bring this to more cities in the future, especially those with large groups of airline/aviation employees like the Metroplex.

Thank you again to everyone for coming out on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll see you in LA on September 7.

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12 comments on “Cranky Dorkfest DFW Was a Huge Success, Save the Date for Cranky Dorkfest LAX on September 7

  1. Sad I couldn’t make this event, but glad it turned out so well. Very generous of American to sponsor the food trucks, sounds like that was a great surprise, and kudos to DFW for helping coordinate it so well. Really sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Hope you can do something like this in the Northeast in the future, or at least in a place that isn’t a $500 RT for me; I’d be tempted to donate a bottle of decent booze to the raffle if so.

  2. Will hope someone at SeaTac or perhaps BFI give you a try. Have toured BFI and Alaska Airlines at SeaTac and both were way too cool. Glad this event worked out well. I will hope to attend one someday.

    1. Seattle in the past has had AvGeekFest organized by David Parker Brown of, but it looks like the last event was in 2017.

    2. I can address this as I was on the planning committee for Aviation Geek Fest 2016 & 2017.
      Aviation Geek Fest has gone into hibernation for the foreseeable future. Other events across North America are available for people to attend.
      As for SeaTac Airport and Boeing Field, we’ll have to see if the respective airports want to do this or not.

  3. No to ORD in January. Yes to a multi day beach trip to St. Maarten / SXM – at least on my aviation bucket list :)

  4. I bet IAD would set up a great Dorkfest. They already do great birthday parties. My son’s included a private mobile lounge trek out to runway 12/30 where our group got to stand on the taxiway and watch the Emirates A380 take off next to us (we also watched an Avianca A320 and an Ethiopian 777 take off).

  5. Hey Cranky,

    TPA is extremely active in engaging spotters in the community. They even created a Facebook page for spotters to share photos, and host contests where winners win private spotting tours of the airfield. I bet they’d love to host an event like this!

  6. Sep 7? Sigh…wrong weekend. Won’t be there. I WILL be there on the 14th and hopefully I’ll see Ed Force One on the ground somewhere at LAX as Iron Maiden is playing Banc of California Stadium that night.

  7. Yes please northeast, tired of reading about things I cannot experience. I have loved all things aviation since the 1960’s, yes I’m that old. I am glad there are so many websites etc giving information that never was available before , the aircraft designs and engine technology. The turbine has done miraculous things for aviation and i love the apps that let me know all about every aircraft that flies overhead. Thanks for this blog. Daniel

  8. How about a Cranky Dorkfest at PHX in the fall when things have cooled down from the summertime 115-120 degrees there.

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