3 Links I Love: Interviewing Scott Kirby, The First Airport Hotel, Wake Up Airplane

Links I Love, United

This week’s featured link:
United Airlines President on Turning Skeptics Into BelieversSkift
As you know, I love interviews.  Here’s one with Scott Kirby, United’s President.

Two for the road:
Fresh News About Old Airport HotelsStuck at the Airport
Can’t say I’d ever wondered which airport hotel was the first, but now I’m glad I know.

Wake up, airplane: Delta technicians inspire kids with morning routine – Delta News Hub
Here’s a nice way to go into the holiday weekend.  Anyone flown with kids in the early morning from Charlotte?  This is a warm and fuzzy story.

I’ll be back Tuesday. Enjoy your Labor Day.

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3 comments on “3 Links I Love: Interviewing Scott Kirby, The First Airport Hotel, Wake Up Airplane

  1. I used to be a frequent flyer of United and had their credit card. But their never ending changing cultures and their utter disregard for customers have driven myself and my family to Southwest as much as possible. And I will never use them to Hawaii or internationally ever again. I will only buy United if there is utterly no other options. The CEO can corporate speak all he wants but his attitude is that the customer is only there to squeeze the last dime out of them, any way possible, customer service be damned.

  2. The “Wake up airplane” routine is a cute. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Southwest did that, but I’m VERY surprised that that is from a legacy airline like Delta, as I would have assumed management would have concerns over productivity and the friendliness/customer service of its TechOps guys. Kudos to Delta’s management for embracing that, and it’s clearly the highlight of those employees’ workdays.

    I know that most of us can trace our interest in aviation to experiences in our early childhood, and as far as I’m concerned, anything that can get kids interested in aviation (especially young girls, as part of the focus on getting them interested in STEM fields and similar) is a very good thing.

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